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Gardit A/S is a Danish company specializing in surface protection of steel and concrete structures. The company is situated in Denmark but mobile teams are working worldwide and perform different tasks in many countries.
MOBILE - surface protection on site

>> MOBILE - surface protection on site

If the constructions can’t come to Gardit A/S, let Gardit A/S come to the constructions... Regardless of season and environmental conditions, repair works and turnkey contracts are performed in Denmark and abroad.

When surface protection has to be performed directly on a construction, it requires specialists and special equipment. Moreover, it often requires great fl exibility, planning in advance and a tight processing control. It is most important to Gardit A/S to ensure that the task
is performed according to the prescribed standards and at a high quality level. Therefore, it has become a natural part of Gardit A/S’ line of business to offer consultancy and coordination of mobile tasks from start to completion.
Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines
The wind power industry chooses its suppliers with great care. Gardit A/S has been a part of the game from the beginning...
If the constructions can’t
come to Gardit A/S,
let Gardit A/S come
to the constructions...
Large and small ships – in the water or ashore. Gardit A/S has at its disposal the most modern equipment of today...
Surface protection offshore is a big challenge. Gardit A/S has more than 30 years’ of experience in the field...
Production Facilities
Production Facilities
High standards are demanded for surface protection
– Gardit A/S has the necessary facilities...
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